date yourself instead

A new movement for the ones who want to heal.


The Mini Book Of Self Love Reminders


My name is Alyssa, but most people call me Lyss. When I was 18, I started my instagram page which evolved over the years into my personal brand. However, it never felt truly personal enough for me. I had always wanted to connect with my audience on a deeper level but I was never sure how to through images alone. When I began my tiktok in the summer of 2020, I started using my platform to speak more about my dating life and it propelled into a new outlet for me that changed the projection of my purpose. I wanted to connect and communicate with people about my dating experiences, and I was finally able to do that. 

When I went through my most recent breakup, I felt an entirely different level of pain that I had never experienced before. I was broken and felt like I had lost myself completely. It was in that time that the universe told me my purpose was to help other women who are going through the same thing.

I founded this digital movement, “Date Yourself Instead”, as I learned the importance of falling in love with yourself before entering a romantic relationship. Even if you are currently in a romantic relationship, this movement is about learning how to put yourself first and take care of yourself in and out of a relationship.