How To Download Our Mobile Presets

Download instantly from the link sent to your e-mail.

Once you purchase, these filters are yours to keep.

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Effortlyss Mobile Presets Include

  • 64 Lightroom Presets for the free Lightroom Mobile app (no subscription required!)
  • A step-by-step guide on how to download + 24/7 customer service to help you get started
  • Presets for both mobile JPEG and RAW camera photos


Click here to watch a tutorial on how to download on your iPhone.

Or read the below.

To Download On Your iPhone

1) Open the link in the email we sent to your email address and open Safari. This should lead to a webpage with all of the preset folders listed.


2) Tap the Safari icon in the bottom right corner of the webpage that opens. This should open a new clean page with the same preset folders.


3) Tap the preset folder link that you wish to download. Here, we chose Airy Naturals as the first folder to open and download.

4) Tap the first DNG link. This should lead to a new webpage that looks like this. 

5) Save the DNG file to your phone's camera roll and hit the back arrow on your webpage to return to the list of DNG links.

6) Repeat with each DNG link until all of them are saved onto your camera roll.

7) Open your Lightroom App and import all DNG files.

8) Repeat with all preset folders.


Step 1) Download the app on your phone – Download the FREE app “Adobe Lightroom CC”.

Step 2) Register – Register on the app. It is free. 

Step 3) Download the presets – Use a laptop to download the presets from the email you received. You will receive a download link right after you pay. Tap the link in your email. 

You will be directed to our website to view your preset folder links. Tap the first folder you wish to download from. You should now see DNG links. Tap each DNG link to download each preset file. Here, we chose to open Airy Naturals and download each file 1-6 to our Macbook.

Create a folder for the downloaded DNG files. Then, open a new Finder window on your Mac and drag the files into Airdrop. You will need to airdrop these DNG files to your iPhone. If you do not have an iPhone, we recommend using Dropbox to upload these files and sync with your phone instead.

Once you have Airdropped or Dropboxed the DNG files to your phone, open the Lightroom app and import the files.



1. Download files from the email link we sent to you.

2. Upload DNG files to Dropbox ( on your computer.

2.  Open the Dropbox app on your phone and sync the presets there (to your phone).
3.  Export the presets to your phone's camera roll (they should appear in your camera roll as DNG files)
4.  Import the DNG files presets into Lightroom App from your camera roll.


*If you are having trouble downloading, please send us an email after your purchase with your purchase number and your full name to EFFORTLYSSPRESETS@GMAIL.COM.  We will assist you.*